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Indigo Renderer v2.4.13 Stable (x32/x64)

Author: nhammen

Indigo Renderer v2.4.13 Stable (x32/x64)

Indigo Renderer v2.4.13 Stable (x32/x64) | 126 MB

"Indigo Renderer v2.4.13 Stable (x32/x64)"

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Indigo Renderer v2.4.13 Stable (x32/x64)

Indigo Renderer v2.4.13 Stable (x32/x64) | 126 MB

Indigo Renderer is an unbiased, physically based and photo-realistic renderer which simulates the physics of light to achieve near-perfect image
realism. With an advanced physical camera model, a super-realistic materials system and the ability to simulate complex lighting situations through
Metropolis Light Transport, Indigo Renderer is capable of producing the highest levels of realism demanded by architectural and product visualization.

Indigo is packed with powerful rendering features accessible to Architects, Product Designers, 3D Modelers or artists. Even if you've only been using 3D
software for a few days, you can use Indigo to generate realistic renders of your own. Its out-of-the-box materials and lights allow you to concentrate
on your designs without spending hours on configuring materials and settings.

Integrated Network Rendering

* Render a single image efficiently across multiple machines - Needs only a TCP / IP network, such as a typical Local Area Network. (LAN)
* Included Network Manager load balances slaves among masters across a network

Floating Licences

* Automatically allocate licences across a network on an as-needed basis
* Simplifies maintenance and deployment of new Indigo licences

Participating Media

* Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS)
* Unbiased multiple scattering - for the ultimate in realistic SSS.
* Wavelength dependent scattering and absorption coefficients.
* Henyey-Greenstein, Uniform, Rayleigh phase functions.
* Atmospheric scattering model including Mie and Rayleigh scattering.

Full Spectral Rendering

* All light transport calculations use spectral colour instead of RGB colour.
* Rendering parameters, such as material colours, accept arbitrary spectra instead of RGB triplets.

Support for Complex Geometry

* Support for large meshes. (Tested with 28 million triangle model)
* Instancing support - A mesh can be repeated in a scene thousands of times with only minor additional memory usage.

Physical Camera Model

* Realistic aperture for accurate depth-of-field simulation.
* Focal distance - automatic or manual.
* Shift lens.
* Can set sensor width and exposure time.

Advanced Tone Mapping

* Multiple methods for tone mapping a HDR image to a LDR image.
* Reinhard tone mapping for fully automatic tone mapping.
* Camera tone mapping for accurate simulation of real camera films.

High Performance

* Written in SSE-optimised C for optimum performance.
* Multi-threaded to take full advantage of multi-core CPUs.
* Efficiently parallelises over all your computer's cores, and over any other render nodes in the network.

Multiple output image formats

* Including High Dynamic-Range (HDR) Formats
* 32 bit per component EXR output. (HDR)
* 32 bit per component Indigo Image (. Igi) output. (HDR)
* PNG, JPEG, TIFF output. (LDR)

Physically-based Sky and Sunlight Model

* Efficient spectral sky and sunlight model.
* Realistic time of day effects - sunrise, sunset etc ...

Realistic Physically-based Materials

* Accurate dielectric reflection and transmission, including dispersion, total internal reflection, etc ...
* Accurate reflection from rough and smooth metal surfaces, using measured material data.
* Lambertian material.
* Lambertian material with rough or smooth dielectric coating.
* Oren-Nayar material for rough, backscattering materials such as clay.
* Diffuse transmitter material for fast SSS approximation for thin objects.
* Blend material for creating arbitrarily-complicated material trees.
* Rough transparent dielectric material for simulating frosted glass etc ...

Online Material Database

* Browse, download and share Indigo materials with other Indigo users.

Metropolis Light Transport

* Allows robust and efficient rendering of extremely complex lighting situations

Shader System

* All material parameters can be controlled by a shader program written in Indigo Shader Language. (ISL)
* Just-in-time (JIT) compiled shaders for maximum performance.

Motion Blur

* Camera and object motion blur.
* Completely accurate, unbiased motion blur.
* Non-linear paths even during a single frame.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

* Simple and intuitive, yet powerful GUI.
* Pause, resume or save render progress.
* Control network rendering.
* Pack or unpack a scene or material.
* Simple licensing dialogue for licensing the free version, in order to unlock the full version

HDR Environment-Map Lighting

* Load an EXR map for simple and realistic scene lighting.

Camera Aperture Diffraction (Glare)

* Realistic camera aperture diffraction (glare) based on accurate optics simulation.
* Works with arbitrary camera apertures and obstacle maps.

Cross Platform

* Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 support. (32 and 64 bit)
* Mac OS X support. (32 and 64 bit)
* Linux support. (32 and 64 bit)

Supported 3D Applications

* Google SketchUp
* Autodesk 3ds Max
* Cinema 4D
* Maya
* Blender
* Revit
* Documented XML format for integrating with other packages

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