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Synthetik Studio Artist 3.5 - MacOSX

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Synthetik Studio Artist 3.5 - MacOSX

Synthetik Studio Artist 3.5 | MacOSX | 273 MB

"Synthetik Studio Artist 3.5 - MacOSX"

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Synthetik Studio Artist 3.5 - MacOSX

Synthetik Studio Artist 3.5 | MacOSX | 273 MB

Studio Artist is the first and only software program that can automatically paint, draw and auto-rotoscope. Studio Artist examines a source
image or video and then re-renders it in the style you choose, automatically or interactively. And now with version 3.5, Studio Artist has been
expanded to include automatic vector art and animation. Instantly make cool resolution independent vector animations from any Quicktime video
source. Studio Artist 3.5 includes over 4000 paint presets plus hundreds of factory effects all completely editable. Apply any effect on a
still image or video. Instantly create paintings, vector art, effect processed images or keyframe animations. Add warping, morphing, texture
synthesis and much more. Anything that you can do with a still image can be applied automatically to a video source creating stunning one-of-
a-kind effects.

Studio Artist 3.5 Release Overview

The goal for the Studio Artist 3.5 release was to significantly increase the underlying functionality of Studio Artist 3.0 without making major
changes to the existing interface and editing paradigms. A ton of new features and workflow enhancements were added to this release. Some
highlights of the major 3.5 feature enhancements include:

Paint Synthesizer
- new dynamic liquid spreading effects
- new ways to simulate the realism of dynamic brush bristles and paint loading and gradient effects on a brush
- new auto regionization algorithms that intelligently analyze a source image, break it up into representational local regions, and then paint
in those regions
- smart keyframe interpolation to animate a series of freestyle drawn sketches or paintings
- smart texture patterning for pixel accurate custom shading effects
- extensive additions to internal controls and parameter modulators for more expressive and organic paint effects
- MSG presets can now directly control Studio Artist drawing
- full support for the new Wacom 6D ArtPen
- layer routing via bus for layer cloning
- enhanced support for larger internal path buffers, better keyframe interpolation performance
- dynamic multi nib source brushes
- new color gradient and image processing brush loading effects

Image Processing
- new image processing effects
- extensive additions and enhancements to existing image processing effects
- integration of the Texture Synthesizer directly into Image Operations for hybrid effects
- new PASeq and file io support for integral color palette and color gradient based effects

Interactive Warping
- new super kaleidoscopic effects, new symmetry effects, many other new effect options

- many new pre-built presets to show off the new 3.5 functionality
- including new Paint, MSG, Image Op, and PASeq presets
- new graffiti movie brush effects for a unique urban aesthetic
- chromo lithography simulations
- cartoon style effect

Paint Action Sequences
- improved sequential key-frame support for generating animated films
- batch processing with folders of PASeqs from a single menu command
- bezier path and region smart index reordering and normalization for vector interpolation of sketches and paintings
- workflow and action step naming enhancements
- support for integral color gradients and color palette ip ops and texture synth

Full Support for quad processor computers
- all multi-threaded operations now split four ways on quad machines for increased processing speed
- many additional internal operations ported to thread on multi-processor machines for increased processing speed

Countless workflow and feature enhancements to make your daily work easier

In addition the Studio Artist 3.5 release includes two major new enhancements.

First, the complete MSG Evolver 1.0 application is included as a part of the overall Studio Artist 3.5 package. MSG Evolver is the application
used to build and edit MSG presets. MSG (or Modular Synthesized Graphics) is Synthetik's preset based modular plug in architecture and can be
used to expand the functionality of the base Studio Artist application. MSG presets can be used to generate static or dynamic artistic,
textural, or fractal imagery as well as image and video processing effects and dynamic animations. MSG Evolver can also be used as a stand
alone program for generating computer art, animations, and effect processed movie files.

MSG Evolver Features include:

- build and edit MSG presets that you can use in Studio Artist as visual effects or as dynamic paint brushes
- use as a stand alone program for generating abstract visual imagery, animation, image processing and video effects
- can generate and process quicktime movies
- temporal modulators allow for a complete animation to be generated from a single MSG preset
- animation keyframe memories allow for the creation of key-framed animations from multiple interpolated MSG presets
MSG presets allow you to create resolution independent abstract imagery and processing effects
custom tiling effects can turn one MSG preset into a large format artistic canvas
unique Art Mapping process allows for stunning computer synthesized artwork
- art mapping builds a large artistic canvas by multiple intelligent applications of an underlying MSG preset(s)
automatic unique photo montage effects for still images or for videos and video processing.
- source imagery for a photo montage can be a folder of still images and or movie files
- photo montage can be a still image or a movie file
- many unique photo montage effects beyond the traditional rectangular tiled montage
- temporal modulators allow for procedural animation and time varying processing effects
- interactively evolve presets as an alternative to more technical hand editing of processor modules and their associated parameters
- process live video with MSG presets

Supersizer Interpolator

Second, we've incorporated a version of Synthetik's new Supersizer interpolation technology directly into Studio Artist 3.5. Supersizer is
designed to take very small images and resize them to be very large images without the stair-stepping artifacts typically seen in traditional
interpolation technology like bi-cubic or linear interpolation. Supersizer works great for taking really small images and blowing them up to
600 dpi print resolution for cover art or illustration purposes. Because Supersizer can be recorded as an action step in Studio Artist's Paint
Action Sequences, you can also use Supersizer to up-res movie files, like from DV to HD format size or even larger.

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