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Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Windows App Development 70-511

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Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Windows App Development 70-511
Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Windows App Development 70-511 | ISO | 510 MB

Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET framework 4
Trainer: Don Jones | Videos: 20 | Time: 6 hrs |
After watching this terrific video series you'll be ready to immediately begin developing modern Windows-based applications using Visual Studio 2010 and .NET framework 4.0.
Don Jones shows you advanced debugging techniques like IntelliTrace. He also teaches you how to program and declare WPF animations, transforms, and other advanced visual techniques, and how to select appropriate WPF and Windows Forms controls for an application.
Whether you're currently working in Visual Basic or C#, you'll be ready for Microsoft's 70-511 exam.

"Microsoft Programming .NET 4 Windows App Development 70-511"

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1 Introduction

2 Windows Forms and Windows Presentation framework

3 Selecting Controls and Implementing a Screen Layout
a. Item controls b. Content controls c. Menu controls d. When a custom control is needed e. Control hierarchies - panel-derived, attaching properties f. Adding controls at runtime - visual tree, control lifecycle

4 Managing styles, Themes, and Reusable Resources
a. App-level styles b. Overriding styles c. style inheritance d. Generic.xaml e. Theming attributes f. Fonts, styles, data sources, images, resource dictionaries,resource- only DLLs

5 Creating Animations in WPF
a. Controlling timelines b. Controlling behavior when animation completes c. Double, color, and point animations d. Starting an animation from code and XAML

6 WPF Events and Commanding
a. Routed events - tunneling vs. bubbling, handling and cancelling b. RoutedCommand, associating commands to controls, handling commands, command bindings, input gestures

7 User-Defined Controls and WPF Control Templates
a. Decide between user/composite, extended, or custom b. Creating a user/composite control c. Extending from an existing control d. Template binding (NOT: Styling/theming, data templating)

8 Working with Graphics and Multimedia Content
a. Geometric transofmration b. Brushes c. Drawing shapes d. Clipping e. Double buffering f. Media player vs media element g. Adding a sound player

9 WPF Data, Event, and Property Triggers
a. Data Triggers b. Event Triggers c. Property Triggers d. Revisit: Animation Storyboards

10 Working with Data Binding
a. Data Triggers b. Event Triggers c. Property Triggers d. Revisit: Animation Storyboards

11 Value Converters and Data Validation
a. Implementing custom value converters b. Multivalue converters c. Error provider (WinForms) or Data templates (WPF) d. IDataErrorInfo e. Validation Control f. Form Validation g. Control Validation

12 Integration Windows Forms and WPF in an Application
a. ElementHosts (WinForms) b. ControlHosts (WPF) c. PropertyMap

13 Globalization and Localization
a. Loading resources by locale b. Marking localizable element c. Using culture settings in validators and converter d. Using language properties and rendering directions e. Resource files for localization f. Regional settings

14 Asynchronous Processing and Threading
a. Async programming patterns b. Freezing UI elements c. Using timers d. Task Parallel Library e. Parallel LINQ f. Dispatcher g. BackgroundWorker component

15 Drag and Drop Operations
a. Within an application b. Across applications - Quick Look

16 Application Security
a. Software Restriction Policy b. Full Trust and Partially Trusted Security c. User Account Control

17 Managing User and Application Settings
a. Creating app settings b. Creating user settings c. Loading and saving settings

18 Implementing a WPF Test Strategy
a. Automation peer b. UI automation c. IntelliTrace

19 WPF Debugging

20 Deployment Options
a. ClickOnce (and updates) b. Windows Installer (conditional installation based on OS versions, Launch Conditions based on .NET version, custom actions in Set

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